Nokian zLINE A / S: Nokian is a Heck of an All-season Tire

At the end of last year, I jumped on a pre-2008 Audi A4 S-Line Quattro with 2.0-liter turbo engine and the 6-speed manual transmission. I did it because I always liked the design of the B7 generation. To be honest, I also bought it because my 2003 WRX family lacks a bit of interior space and, although only slightly modified, is a little too noisy. So, I bought the A4 for its refined driving and slightly larger interior.

The requirements

I have reviewed a number of tires over the years and have been generally satisfied with the products. For the A4, I was looking for a tire that would provide the family and me with a smooth, quiet ride, good water evacuation and maneuverability. Here is a half-conclusion: since I put the wheels and tires on the car in early April, the A4, alone, has traveled more than 3500 km! There are two important features associated with zLINE A / S that stand out for me, and I think that would be the case for you too. The first is the sweetness of the tires. Nokian uses a “Silent Groove” design or “silent grooves on the sidewalls that effectively reduce the noise level inside and outside the car. I drove with the windows down many times and although the noise of contact between rubber and asphalt is audible, there is no sound of moaning associated. The other relates to wet surface adhesion and resistance to aquaplaning. Any new tire will adhere well enough to the road when it is dry – even new, cheaper tires can do it. An appropriate mix of compounds and groove design technology is required to minimize the loss of traction and hydroplaning. ZLINEs have big main grooves (you can see them in the gallery) that are also completely smooth inside. This allows the water to drain quickly and without interruption.

Take the road

I think we all know that my A4 is a car that offers excellent handling in the beginning. Even so, the tires have an absolute influence on the road behavior. In fact, tires can affect road handling if they are of poor quality or, on the other hand, can unleash the full potential of your car as Nokian zLINE A / S do. My Audi feels as competent and stable at highway speeds as a new A4 can do it. Although the direction of my car does not react as quickly as that of an A4 2018, the zLINE multilayer structure offers an excellent response. In other words, there is no tangible and annoying elasticity in the steering wheel when I change lanes quickly or when I tackle a motorway junction at high speeds indoor car cover.

The Nokian zLINE A / S is a tire with multiple talents and personalities. The family and I love the quiet and comfortable ride of the A4, but when I have the opportunity to take the car on my own, I appreciate the predictable and rewarding performance of the tires. And finally, these tires are designed to last. Unfortunately, I will probably not keep the car long enough to erase half of the life of their gum. Namely, Nokian zLINE is much more affordable than you think. For your money, you get performance and security. I will do a final update later this fall with my final conclusion. To be perfectly honest, I’ve already made up my mind: Nokian zLINE A / S tires are a safe bet.

TECHNO: the new Tailgate Multiport system of the new 2019 GMC Sierra

Truck manufacturers are continually trying to differentiate themselves by offering their buyers devices to facilitate the tasks normally performed with a truck. For example, carry objects in the box. Home / Technology – Economical and Ecological Cars / TECHNO: the new Tailgate Multiport system from the new GMC Sierra 2019

TECHNO: the new Tailgate Multiport system of the new 2019 GMC Sierra

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Truck manufacturers are continually trying to differentiate themselves by offering their buyers devices to facilitate the tasks normally performed with a truck. For example, carry objects in the box.

In order to make life easier for its owners, the 2019 GMC Sierra is equipped with a system called Multiport Tailgate, a hatchback that can perform a variety of tasks. As seen in the previous video, this hatchback aims to allow carrying more objects in the box, ensuring that these objects remain well and also increasing the versatility of the box. Oh yes, she can help her access too. There are six possible configurations for the Multiport Tailgate and each seems relevant. These are also functions that are quite logical to the point where one wonders why it took so long to see a system like this. Announced in September and about to enter the market soon, the Volvo XC40 2019 will be the most affordable SUV in the Volvo lineup after the XC90 and XC60. With the XC40, Volvo is tackling a popular segment in North America, namely the luxury subcompact SUVs.

But that says popular segment also says several competitors. Indeed, the Volvo XC40 will have to face a fairly fierce competition that includes well-established models like the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the BMW X1, the Audi Q3 and the Lexus NX. To stand out, Volvo plans to offer a very versatile and spacious XC40 that is also equipped with advanced security technologies. These include the City Safety feature that comes standard in the new 2019 Volvo XC40. Introduced to the XC60 several years ago, City Safety monitors the road and is able to apply the brakes if another vehicle suddenly brakes or again if a pedestrian comes to your vehicle without warning. The system is also able to detect large animals and cyclists. In other words, City Safety is able to automatically break the XC40 if there is danger in front of you and you are distracted.

Techno: the e-pedal of the new Nissan LEAF 2018

The e-Pedal technology offered in the Nissan LEAF 2018 is a system that allows you to operate the car using only the accelerator. Essentially, e-Pedal allows you to drive the LEAF with a single pedal and never touch the brake. It is therefore an extension of the regenerative braking we see on electric and hybrid vehicles. On these vehicles, when you release the accelerator, a strong deceleration is felt and at the same time the braking energy is recycled to recharge the battery.

The 2018 Nissan LEAF has a similar mode in addition to the more aggressive e-pedal driving mode. With this mode of driving, when you take your foot off the right pedal, the car slows down with the same or almost the same intensity as when you press the brake pedal. You have to get used to it a bit, but once it’s done it’s possible to have a lot of fun with the e-pedal mode. His performance is blameless. This technology, however, is not exclusive to the 2018 LEAF. The Chevrolet Bolt also offers a similar system with such a good performance. The Nissan LEAF 2018 is available starting at $ 35,998 before government incentives. Introduced on the market this year, the 2018 LEAF offers a 40 kWh battery that provides a range of 241 kilometers.