Interested in Using Tron? – Find Out All Details About Tron cryptocurrency Here

Tron cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology and provide later and cost-effective digital content sharing. Tron was founded in September 2017 by a non-profit organization in Singapore known as the Tron Foundation. Justin Sun as CEO has an internal development team that leads this. Let’s find out more about Tron cryptocurrency here!

What is Tron Coin cryptocurrency

Tron Coin is a currency or crypto-asset used on the Tron network. Meanwhile, Tron itself is a decentralized platform or container with a blockchain base that adapts a P2P (peer-to-peer) system and aims to develop a digital content entertainment system. Through this platform, you are not only limited to producing and uploading content. More than that, you can get benefits or rewards from the content in the form of Tron Coin cryptocurrency from the audience who wants to access your content.

That way, you will feel more appreciated, right? In addition, you can also have full control over the data or content that you have on the platform. Unlike other platforms like Facebook, this company leverages user content for its benefit. The Tron Coin network uses its cryptocurrency called Tron (TRX). in January 2022, TRX was ranked 26th on the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Tron Coin Prediction

Rumors of a collaboration between Tron and Alibaba had surfaced. This makes some people interested in paying more attention to this one coin. Let’s see how Tron Coin’s prediction for the future in evolution fulfills its main vision.

If interested, you can buy Tron on exchanges like Bitocto by exchanging it into the currency of your country of residence, internationally Tron can also be purchased by exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies such as ETH.

History of Tron Coin cryptocurrency

Tron Coin was originally just a token used on the Tron blockchain-based entertainment system. The coin appeared on the market last year after its initial coin offering in August 2017 and less than a year has grown to become the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The creator of Tron

Tron Coin cryptocurrency is the vision of one man, Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation. Apart from Tron, Sun is also the founder and CEO of Pei Wo whose live-streaming app has more than 10 million registered users, mainly in China which is fully integrated with Tron.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Educates Sun Yang recently graduated from university. At the universities of Peking University and the University of Pennsylvania Sun studied. And He was born in 1990.

promote Tron to be an active Sun Activity and have a large following on Twitter (over 400,000).

Tron Stages

Tron Coin is a long-term project with the Tron Foundation that has a roadmap of six stages planned for 2027.

In 2018 Tron is in the so-called Output stage, focused on data release, which will last until December 2018. Tron describes this stage as “an upload, storage, and distribution mechanism based on peer-to-peer and distributed content,” Tron provides users with “a completely free and reliable platform for publication, storage, and dissemination of data.”

The next phase, Odyssey, will last 18 months and focus on empowering content. Tron wants to incentivize content creators with “fair returns for content creation, distribution, and dissemination.” It aims to cut out middlemen like Apple stores so content producers can receive funds directly from consumers.

After the Odyssey, the Tron roadmap has 4 more stages — Great Voyage, Apollo, Star Trek, and Eternity. It aims to see individual ICOs launched using the Tron 20 standard and the creation of a decentralized gaming and forecasting platform.