Consider these 5 Things Before Buying A New Motorbike

The motorbike seems to be the easiest vehicle to use. In addition to anti-traffic jams, relatively inexpensive prices also make many people able to have it. A Driving License already exists. Helmets and other safety equipment have also been purchased. Then, are you ready to buy a motorbike? If you want to buy a motorbike at an affordable price, you can visit

Measure ability

One common mistake often made by novice motorists is buying a motorbike with a performance that is far above their ability. Avoid the motor with clutch gear transmission, or a motor that has a type of Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC) engine. For novice riders, it looks like Honda CB150R StreetFire or Yamaha MT-09 Tracer is not the right choice. Because, in addition to having a heavier load, acceleration is created faster.

When using a motor with a lower ability, the ability to drive will also be better over time. Honda Blade 125 or Jupiter Z1 can be considered by novice riders. Besides being economical, maintenance for both motors is fairly easy.

Consider needs

Considerations regarding traffic, distance, and travel time are crucial considerations. The problem is, nowadays motors come in various shapes and sizes. This consideration will have an impact on how the motor is used. For example, if you only use it during holidays, you can tolerate a motorcycle design that looks cool but is not comfortable to use. Different if you are a commuter who needs a simple and fast transportation mode.

Adjust to the body

This point is indeed quite clear. Motorbikes come in various shapes and sizes, as well as the human body. Before deciding to buy, you should first try your match with the bike with you on the road. Feel the economic difference from one motorbike to another.

The sport bike that you think is cool can weigh on your wrist. Or a motor with a large tank can make you easily lose balance because of the remote control handle. In essence, you must try before buying

New Vs. Former

There are several advantages and disadvantages when you buy a new or used motorbike. There is no right choice. It all depends on the individual preferences of each person, and of course financial ability. You will feel safer to use because of the warranty that comes with the motorbike. Even though the pocket that you spend is deeper.

On the other hand, used motorcycles are very suitable for beginners, because of the fear of injuring your motorbike you will be lost on a motor that is not perfect. The price of used motorcycles is too low compared to newer motorcycles. However, used motorcycles cannot be equated with new motorcycles and will drain the contents of the wallet for the long term.

Consider long-term costs

Don’t forget the extra costs when you commit to buying a motorbike. Before choosing a motorcycle, make sure to check the vehicle insurance services that are in accordance with your financial capabilities. You also have to set aside a budget for security equipment, such as helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves, and other additional protectors. Various security equipment can be a huge pile of costs if you don’t anticipate it.

Buying a first motorbike is indeed a pleasant experience, but don’t be hasty. Make sure you have a motorbike that you like when the “first night” feeling disappears. If you decide to buy a used motorbike, make sure the motorbike has been checked by your trust mechanic. In essence, consider all factors, such as financial, practical, etc, before buying your first motorbike.