How to Choose an Electric Scooter

Like any other vehicle, buying an electric scooter also needs to consider many things. Starting from the price, the specifications owned, to the matter of post-purchase care. So, consider the following points

Adjust to the Budget You Have

The first thing you need to consider when buying an electric scooters is the price. Like motorized vehicles, prices for electric scooters also vary widely. Starting from prices below 5 million, 5–15 million, there are even products worth over 15 million. By looking at the price, you can adjust it to the budget you have. This method also helps you to reduce the group of electric scooters that will be purchased. With increasingly tapered choices, you will certainly find it easier to check the specifications and advantages of each product.

Check the Specifications of the Electric Scooter

After you have found several products that fit into your budget, then check the specifications of each product. Each product always has different specifications and advantages from one another. You can adjust the specifications as to what you need from these products.

Maximum Speed for Faster Travel Time

Some of you may buy an electric scooter to go to work. Apart from avoiding traffic jams, an electric scooter can also help you get to the office faster. Generally, electric scooters have a speed that is not very high, only around 20-30 km / hour.

However, there are also electric scooters that have a maximum speed of 30-40 km / h, even above 40 km / h. With maximum speed, you can get to your destination faster. However, it must also be balanced with safety factors. So it is best to check the maximum speed of the electric scooter that you are going to buy.

Light Weight for Easier Mobility

Many factors affect the weight of an electric scooter, from the materials used to the accessories that are included. Usually electric scooters weigh around a dozen kg. However, you can also find some electric scooter products that weigh under 10 kg. So, consider the weight of this electric scooter because the lighter it is, the easier it will be for you to carry it.

Compact Size for Practical Storage

Apart from weight, you also need to consider the size of the electric scooter when folded. The smaller the size, of course the more practical you can carry and store it. This will make it easier for you to save it without disturbing other people around you. For example, when you are on the train, bus, work space, or even in the park.

Large Load Capacity for Strong Support

Don’t forget to also check the load capacity of the electric scooter. Mostly, electric scooter products are only able to withstand a load of about 100 kg. Maybe that won’t be enough to support those of you who are tall enough. You need to make sure the load capacity of this electric scooter is stronger and there are no problems when driving. Some electric scooters have capacities up to 120 kg or more so they are safer for you to choose from.

Large Battery Capacity for Longer Usage Time

Electric scooters are battery powered so it is very important to consider the size of the capacity. With a large capacity, of course you can use it for longer with a longer distance. It also saves you the risk of running out of power along the way. However, the greater the capacity, the longer it will take to charge. So, try to consider this as needed, huh!