How To Change Your Motorcycle Grips

In this blog article we’re going to show you step by step how to change or replace your motorcycle grips the proper way. It doesn’t matter if you have got your bike via a trader in motorcycle imports or via another way, these are general tips that apply in all cases.

Chose a grip on the basis of your riding style

First off, you want to choose a grip that suits your application or your riding style that you’re doing. For instance a bike being an off-road bike. So you’re going to choose a waffle-style grip here that has some traction, so your gloves will have something to grab onto and to hold.

There’s all kinds of different grips that you’ll want to look into before you make your decision, all depending on what kind of riding you’re going to do.

Removing the grip

The best way to remove the grip is to have some compressed air. And by doing this, we’ll make the process a lot easier, removing the grip. Have a nice blow gun hooked up to compressed air. You can stick the nozzle underneath the grip, which makes a nice, simple and quick removal process of the grip. If you do not have access to air or a gun, you can remove the grip. You may have to use a knife or some razor blades to cut the grip off. And it just takes a little bit more work.

Clean the throttle

Once the grip is removed, you’re going to want to clean this side, being the throttle. You’re going to want to clean this throttle tube completely to get any of the old adhesive or rubber from the grip off. You can come across a parts cleaner solvent, which is usually alcohol base and will evaporate. Well you want to clean this throttle tube very good.

Apply the new grip

And then, you’re simply going to take the new grip; a good quality hand grip cement; you can put a small amount. And quickly, you’re going to apply the grip, and rotate it as you’re going on. You want to make sure if there’s any alignment marks on your grip that they do get aligned at this time. On certain particular grips, there is not. It can be a full waffle. So it’s the same all the way around. You’re going to put that on, and the best thing to do will be let your bike sit for 12 hours before using.